Thursday, March 15, 2012


My imagination gets out of control at times. There have been times when I can't walk in front of my bedroom window because I'm so sure someone in the building opposite mine is trying to shoot me. Once I couldn't leave my friends bathroom because I thought her whole family was planning to kill me and were waiting for me with their big, ridiculously scary dog outside. I think the thing is that the combination of a wild imagination and bad nerves is a bad one.
Today we went to the Swedish Museum of Natural History. I have never been a fan of that place. It's because I know that I'm in a building filled with dead, stuffed animals. It gives me the creeps. It feels like I'm being watched and I swear their eyes are following me. At my old school we had this classroom filled with stuffed birds, some of them had their wings folded out, as if they were about to fly off and all of their heads were turned to face us students, even if their bodies weren't. I hated that room. I can handle mounted animals in singles or small groups, I even enjoy them like that. If I can't have a real owl I want a mounted one. But when I'm surrounded by them... Who know's what kind of revolution they're planning? I walked around the museum with my hands under my chin -getting worried looks from all the grandmothers- and fought the urged to run outside. Although that wasn't hard, I didn't want to walk through all those rooms, with dead animals who look very much alive, all alone.
The Swedish Museum of Natural History also has this very cool cinema. The screen is about 100x100 meters squared. I remember once when I was smaller I saw a short film where it looked like the camera was doing parkour on the highest buildings in New York -it was beyond amazing. But literally my whole class voted to see a move called Deep Sea Monsters, or something like that. When I told my teacher I couldn't watch that because I would probably have a panic attack and die she laughed at me. But I was excused. I spent an hour or two reading in the sun outside instead.
Now, it might sound like I'm a very cowardly person and that I had a pretty shitty day. My response is that I'm not a coward, I just don't like animals. Also, we went out to smoke and Clara put her cigarette out in a trashcan and it caught fire. That was hilarious and therefore the day was not wasted.
At least the building is nice

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  1. Haha ja det låter som en höjdare till dag!
    Hoppas att du inte kommer dö av en björn antak :)