Saturday, March 10, 2012

This post had no obvious title and I don't know what to do about it

The whole everything-is-amazing-and-I-am-so-happy-I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-myself high I've been on these last few days ended badly Thursday night and I woke up Friday after a horrible night of little sleep in the foulest mood possible. At school it got even worse. You know how there is always this one person follows who you around and thinks you're friends but in reality you can't stand? And how when you're in a bad mood you seriously contemplate murdering them just for breathing? I almost got in that kind of trouble about 30 465 times before lunch.
Luckily for me I am smart enough to refrain form murder and instead leave school to go home and sleep. Cutting class is not something one should be recommending. Therefore, I shall be honest and tell you that I called myself in sick so that according to the school system I wont be listed as something along the lines with "unexplained absence" and not risk loosing my money. I'm very responsible when I break the rules.

Rebecka, Frida and I had a sleepover last night. They both came to my apartment at around three. I'd tried to sleep after I left school, but instead I finished reading my book and was in a much better mood. We didn't do much. Frida made us dinner and being the amazing cook she is it was amazing. I even had some of the leftovers for dinner tonight (Hehe, tack Frida, nu slapp jag laga någonting själv). Rebecka then fell asleep and Frida and I spent an hour or two talking about all that deep shit and those feelings and thoughts that makes life a pain in the ass. And of course; planning the future of Blue.

I understand looking at pictures of my face isn't
the most thrilling thing in the word to do
and I promise to try to take more interesting pictures.
But, you see I've lost all computer chords to all devices with
a camera function.


  1. totally know what you mean, my mood swings from true bliss to utter bitch are insane
    instead of an elephant

    1. Right?! It's like you have a split personality, it's crazy. Xx