Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Friend Turned Co-worker

So, me and Frida went to a small town by the coast this Saturday. We had a lovely day of walking around, having lunch and getting a job for the summer. My first time as officially employed will be at this restaurant called Jakten. I'm quite looking forward to living in another city than my own with a friend over the summer. Although I am a bit nervous about what to do about vacation. But never mind, it's going to be AMAZING.
Here are some photos of our day, all taken by the always so wonderful Frida

I've been thinking that I should put up pictures of what I'm wearing, just to try to make this blog a bit more interesting. And if you're wondering why I chose a picture of me making a weird face; this is seriously the best full body picture taken of me that day. One has me sitting on a rock, looking like I have a stick up my ass. The ones I'm smiling in look like I've had a lip reduction and every single cell in my body gained a kilo. 

Since I'm a girl I am allowed to be this self critical about the way I look in photos. 

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  1. Haaha jag kollade på fotot när du satt och det ser lite ut som att du har en pinne i röven! XD

    Men det kommer bli en sjukt cool sommar! :O