Sunday, February 5, 2012

First - A Welcome

I'll do this the old school way. A introduction of myself. Here it goes;

I am 17 years old. Like every other 17 year old I am counting the days until I turn 18, which will be on the fourth of July. That means I have exactly 150 days left of being 17. I live in the forth largest city in Sweden, the population of my city just passed 200,000 and we are all quite proud of that.
To give a full description of myself has turned out to be hard. Here are some random facts instead;
I am half American and half Swedish.
I'd like to think I have a way with words, but I have on numerous occasions been told that what I am trying to say makes no sense at all.
I hate being touched but I like touching other people.
I become extremely obsessive over things.
I enjoy reading about mental illnesses.
I take long walks and that is about all exercising I do.
One day I decided to become a vegetarian for no reason at all, and now I haven't eaten meat in four months.
This is a picture of my face:

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