Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent

I left my home at 8.15 this morning in a shirt that made me feel utterly unattractive. Fortunately for me I was home again two hours later. Since then I have made several attempts to focus on the philosophy test I have tomorrow.
I enjoy philosophy, I really do, it messes with my head in the most wonderful way possible but I have yet to find the interesting part of language philosophy. I love learning about origins of words and dynamics of the usages of them, unfortunately for me I was mistaking in thinking that was what I was going to learn about. Instead I'm stuck with defining positives and negatives in words and the relationship between language and reality. It sounds like there is more to it then it really is.
The deepest insight my mind has come to during this day is that world peace is a word (in my language this is spelt as one word, not two) witch has meaning but lacks reference. And that, dear people of the internet, is the best thing I've done all day.

Teenage life is amazing.

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