Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We lost the moon

Last night me and Frida spent the night in my father's apartment. We had a lovely time watching movies, drinking tea, discussing life, smoking, planning our future, dancing around and, oh yes, ruining the joy for small children... by knocking over their snowman. Obviously the children were not around to watch us -Frida- do it. No, this happened after dark when all children were sound asleep and had no idea what was going on with their snowmen. And after that we spent some time complaining about the teenagers of today and how they are out of control. Is that what people call irony?
Jokes aside, I had a fantastic night. Although, whilst on our midnight walk we noticed there were plenty of stars and even a planet, but the moon was no where to be found. This is a fact that still bothers me and I shall soon google what this moon-lacking-night is all about.

Tomorrow I am leaving town. I'm heading up north to sit in a cabin and watch the snowy mountains, read, write and think about life.

This is me thinking I look sexy, whilst avoiding packing.
I do this a lot.
Because I like my lips like that.

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  1. Extremt roligt måste jag säge! Vi får ses snart gumman<33